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Here's How To Write Your Book In Record Time!

Who do you know who wants to write a book? You perhaps? Nearly all business owners, founders, entrepreneurs and key managers, as well as executives, have acquired enough knowledge to write a dozen books! So why have they not done it? The answers are many and all are justifiable "reasons" to put it off. Lack of discipline, don't know the process, are intimidated by the process, not sure how to outline the manuscript, who to help them write it, edit it, proof it and approve it. Who to go to for publishing and how that all works adds to the layers of complications, distractions and "reasons" for not getting started. 

We have met an entrepreneur who has mastered the process from A to Z and in this edition of Monday Motivator we're going to showcase her method and process for not only writing your book, but also how to publish it, promote it and promote YOU in the process. Get ready to meet the innovator of the self-publishing business, Ms. Lee Romanov!  

Lee Romanov has self-published several books.  Her 1st book went viral, around the globe and her website got slammed with over 1 million unique visitors in one day!

She has since been interviewed by 
CNN, FOX, CBC, BBC, and numerous other major media outlets worldwide. The response to her wisdom and unique solution to an age-old problem has been nothing short of amazing. 

Lee has given thousands of people a unique insight to self-publishing, including the many areas of considerations and a secret known by only a few. 

Lee has agreed to share her secrets with us in a private webinar, designed for Performance Strategies, Inc. at NO COST, on Thursday, Nov. 16, at 4 pm PST.  

We have had huge interest in this up to publishing this Motivator. To help you get in on this one-time offer, compliments of Performance Strategies and Lee Romanov, complete the form to the right. You're also invited to extend this invitation to your colleges.  

Lee Romanov was featured in Readers Digest's "SPECIAL ISSUE of AMERICA'S 100 BEST Inspirational Stories and Amazing People."


What's special about Lee's technique is that she is neither a reader nor a writer. So if you think Lee has some sort of super powers, that you don't, you couldn't be further from the truth.

 What Lee has is the experience of getting massive awareness and credibility from basic street smarts.  

"The key to writing a book is to keep it short. Your book should be no more than 30 pages, or less."

She says to start by taking 1 point of view, 1 good idea, or 1 short story... the kind you would tell over dinner, and make it into a book.  

Car KarmaYou can even create a book from your notes or emails like Lee did, when she created the book; Car Carma, that went viral worldwide!

She never had the intent to write a book. However, one day she sent out a playful press release to get free publicity to her website,, where she generated revenue by sending leads to insurance companies.

Every time someone got an insurance quote, Lee's referral program would automatically  send the lead to a broker, and she was paid $5 per lead. Amazingly, those $5 leads averaged $50,000 a month!

Giving stories to the media was a huge source of visitor traffic and revenue for Lee. So, for fun, she compared the number of accidents between new drivers to experienced drivers, because the insurance rates for new drivers were sometimes 4 times higher.

She discovered that there was only a 2% difference in accidents, which didn't seem to warrant such a vast rate difference. So again, for fun, Lee compared their numbers of accidents to their Astrological Signs, and WOW! There was over a 40% difference in accident rates between Libra drivers to Leo drivers!

This information was too good for Lee to keep to herself, so she sent out a simple press release saying;

Insurance Companies have it wrong. They should NOT be basing their premiums on the driver's age, but on their Astrological Sign!

Well, it was as if she just drove her car through the front door of the Allstate building. The media was on this as a kid on a candy bar. Everybody wanted to know more about how their astrological sign affects their driving, so Lee uploaded her notes and had a digital and hardcover book the next day! 

In fact, when you register for Lee's Webinar...  she will include the list of Driver's Astrological Signs from best to worst so you can check out your own driver's sign. Note: Any grammatical or spelling errors have been put there for your enjoyment!

Easy Money 

When most people pick up a book they only read the first 30 pages before they put it down. So why not write a book that people will read in one sitting? In fact,  30-page digital books sell for $9.99 on Kindle all the time!

If you write a 500-page book, you may only be able to sell it for $16. Why not break down your 500 pages into 16 short books? Then you can have your first book right away! Plus, this gives you the potential of earning  $160 when you turn your topic into a book series. And these book sales never stop happening!

If you can't write 30 pages, write less, and increase your page count by adding pictures, graphs, or charts you find online. If you can't do that... no worries! Go to and hire someone at a very reasonable cost to help write your book for you.

These writers will put your message, idea, or short story into words. That's it! It's not the writing that makes the book... it's the message. Even if you don't write it... you produced it... and it's your book! It's like being a clothing designer. Even though you didn't physically make the outfit... it's still your design.


Once you've written, or hired someone to write your book, it will build your authority, create a loyal following, and open up doors of opportunity for your business endeavours.

After Your Short Book Is Written

There are 3 areas that you need to pay attention to after writing your book.
They are: 

1. Online Sales

2. Media Promotions

3. Getting Paid Speaking Engagements

Online Sales

There are simple ways of creating both digital and hardcover books. Once you learn the easiest ways of doing this, which Lee will address in her webinar, you'll be able to create an unlimited number of books to put on Amazon, and Kindle. Then, you can let the income flow.

A website is also a huge revenue generator, not only book sales, but for your products, and services. All you do is add links throughout your digital book, that send your readers to your website to buy. 

Media Promotions 

The market is flooded with self-serving press releases.  Producers and journalist pay little to no attention to the thousands of press releases they get from the PR press every day.

How does Lee know this?  She hosted her own TV-Talk show on one of the most popular TV news stations in Toronto, CP24, and she saw how the producers selected their stories. They have their own special feeds that they pay attention to.

To get the producer's attention you need to know who they are. Lee will talk about this during the webinar. You also need to do something totally unheard of...  like sending them a personal email, or letter, followed up with a phone call.  

If they don't respond to your email, letter, or call, it's probably because they're really busy meeting their deadlines. If your idea is 'something their audience would want to know about'  be persistent!

When you do connect with them,  they may not be interested in your pitch... but always offer to help them find information on a topic you're familiar with, for a story they might be working on. Now you've just elevated yourself as a resource for the media. Congratulations!
Getting Paid Speaking Engagements

Being paid to speak is a career many only dream about, but it becomes closer to reality when you have a book. A book positions you in the mind of people who book speakers, as an expert and 'worthy' to be paid to speak.  

In addition to getting paid to speak, you can earn even more money by suggesting that everyone gets a copy of your book, or from backroom sales of your books, CDs, products, and services. 

Lee will be addressing this in the webinar along with the huge benefits of speaking... and how you can earn BIG money even if you're not paid to speak. 

Why Write Your Book NOW

Clearly, having a book is good for your business, it opens doors of opportunity, and can earn you money. That’s why so many authorities, speakers, and experts have published their own books. It's also why you’re smart to have one for your business as well.

To take your career to the next level, earn more money and gain better recognition, you need to write and publish a book.

Signing up for Lee's webinar is the right first step.  

Your Major Take Aways:

1.  Writing Your Book -How to get started writing your book.

2.  Publishing Your Book - How to create & publish a digital & hardcover book.

3.  Online Sales - How Amazon, Kindle, and a website can make you money.

4.  Media - Who in the media would be interested in your topic.

5.  Speaker Engagements - What you need to have get speaking gigs.

6.  Paid To Speak - How to get paid speaking engagements.

This are the topic that will be covered in the webinar.

This Webinar will take you to the next level.  It's what you want, it's what you need, and Lee gives you the tools to make it all possible!

Register for the Webinar by completing the form above.

The Story Of Your Life

This is the most eye opening videos you'll ever watch on the Story of Your Life.


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