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1 to 1 Coaching

I’m not a trained or talented businessman – but I find myself owning a company with huge potential. I may not be the smartest businessman, but I’m smart enough to realize I need a Business Coach.

My wife and I hired a business consultant about two and a half years ago to provide us needed help and guidance with our company. After two years we realized the high fees we’d paid him had genuinely been for nothing. He had actually been of zero benefit to our company. Instead of abandoning the idea of having a business consultant (or “coach”), we understood we needed to find the “right” coach.

We found Jay McDowell during an Internet search and invited him to come by our offices to discuss what he could do for us. In stark contrast to our previous business consultant/coach, everything that Jay said actually made perfect sense to us. It was real-world, and I could actually visualize how my company could change in the future – although I had no idea how fast it would happen.

My company is young – only 3 ½ years old. We started the company right before the bottom fell out of the economy. Not an easy environment even for a well-established company. For a start-up company like ours that not only deals in a luxury product, but a high-end luxury product, I suppose the only reason we were able to continue is that our system and products are truly “best in class” compared to our competition.

Before hiring Jay as our Business Coach, over the previous 20 months our overhead was rising faster than our income – we were going in the wrong direction. We really couldn’t afford a Business Coach, but more importantly, we couldn’t afford NOT to have a good Business Coach.

In a nutshell, a short six months after hiring Jay as our Business Coach, our company is really skyrocketing. Typically our worst two months are December and January, but this December and January we’ve hit homeruns! We’ve just hired several new employees, and within the next 4 weeks we will hire 3-4 more.

Now for the most amazing part of the story. Given the potential of our company Jay recommended we bring in a full time General Manager. We immediately offered the position to Jay, but Jay is living his dream by helping many business owners achieve success.

Jay helped us find just the right General Manager to come in full time. Jay knew full-well that bringing in a full time General Manager would overlap his services, and he would lose us as a client. How’s THAT for honesty and integrity?!

I can’t say enough about Jay’s expertise, his talent, his caring and his effectiveness. And he’s simply a really good person to boot! Thank you Jay, for helping us put all the pieces together.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Rod Kurthy
Evolve® Dental Technologies, Inc.
Home of KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System
30221 Aventura
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Office: (866) 763-7753

I have been a consultant in the energy space for nearly twenty years. While the consulting practice has been well regarded from a professional perspective, I found myself stuck. I was working too many hours, revenue was flat, and the prospects for growth seemed limited. I knew I need to make a change, but I didn’t know how.

In the fall of 2009, I was networked into the Performance Strategies organization. I attended a business growth seminar where I was introduced to their “5 Ways” process for improving marketing and sales. I was excited by this process because I believed it could help me grow my revenue. I also heard from another participant that it is very difficult to value and sell companies that are solely dependent on the owner for revenue.

I hired Jay in February of '10, and we have been working together for seven years now. Our initial exercise was the PS-90 Quarterly Planning workshop. Performance Strategies has a well-defined process for helping business owners develop goals for improving their businesses. These goals included developing strategies for growing segments of the business, improving accounting processes, and raising prices.

Since then, we have raised our prices multiple times, improved our website including social media and started a blog, embarked on marketing strategies, and brought aboard twenty-five more senior consultants and several junior people. Revenue is up over 1800% over 7 years we have been working together.. Profit even more.

Part of the process included learning how to set personal and family goals, which has improved my relationship with my wife.

Jay has introduced me to service providers who are helping with HR, insurance, exit strategies and IT issues, helping me to deal with areas where I lacked experience and expertise.

The initial March planning session helped me to define my long range goals, out three to five years. At that time, I could not see how I could achieve these goals. By the time we did the next session in June of '10, the success we had in just three months made me confident that I can grow the company and achieve my revenue goals. Currently we are embarking on a completely new set of goals. I have now been to over twenty-five quarterly PS-90 workshops, and each quarter we make amazing progress through weekly accountability while having fun doing it!

In 2015 we hired a General Manager, Step Five of the Six Steps Process, and we are implementing my exit process over the next couple years. This would have never happened without Coach Jay and the Performance Strategies processes and support.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

David J. Hackett, President
(949) 653-5899

Testimonial for Jay McDowell, Performance Strategies

I met Jay McDowell at the point in my life where I was most discouraged about keeping my grant writing consulting business alive.

I’m a former business school professor and an award winning political scientist. I assumed that nobody could teach me anything useful about running a small business, especially a small consulting business. After all, I had started my consulting business in 2002 and had run it happily and successfully for many years until about 2009.

In this charged environment, Jay ran a valuable triage operation.

He guided me toward raising our prices. He persuaded my wife to allow me to hire people to handle the tedious and repetitive parts of my consulting business. He taught us how to create job descriptions, interview quality applicants and hire contractors who would understand and adhere to my grant writing philosophy and techniques.

He gently asked me to cut back on the unproductive time wasters in my life and focus on the high profit, high pay-off parts of my schedule where I could most effectively leverage my expertise and natural talent as a business leader and as a grant writer. In the process, I ended up following through on a speaking engagement in Anchorage, Alaska even as my new staff member set the foundation for a successful $220,000 grant proposal for a local community college.

In the long-run, Jay has introduced me to a new, more comfortable way of doing business. I’m using more automated systems for selling, referrals and managing extra work with existing clients. He helped me develop a unique selling proposition – our new Never Quit guarantee - which now leads my website and e-mail marketing efforts.

After eight months working with Jay, I’ve ended up with a business that is a much closer fit with my natural personality and my unique strengths (and weaknesses) as a writer and as a businessman.

Although we are still a long way from our dreams of selling this consulting business, our revenues are up 52% in a down economy. Most importantly, my wife and I are more happily married to each other. We discuss the business together, resolve disputes with Jay’s assistance, and follow internal procedures which make sense for a small, family run business.

All in all, I suspect I was a tough case. Jay, however, rose to the occasion just as he has done for other clients and other companies in far more serious situations. I recommend him as an excellent business coach and a skilled, problem-solver.


John C. Drew, Ph.D.
Managing Director
Drew & Associates
(949) 643-8058

To Whom it may concern,

Jay McDowell is the best business coach ever! He is very attentive and cares very much about your success. As a client of Jay’s I saw my production in insurance sales Revenue double in 8 weeks, compared to my previous 5 years of experience. I have complete confidence in Jay, and as a result have referred him to other agents and associates I work with.

Thank you Jay!

Mike Primicerio
Insurance the Easy Way!
Ladera Ranch, CA

To whom it may concern:

"Jay McDowell, of Performance Strategies, was the "shot in the arm" we needed when my business partner and I joined forces. Jay was the missing link that helped us make an impact on specific areas of our business (sales, prospects, accounting, and operations). Our business increased by 33% our first year. Dezign Matters Creative Group, Inc. would recommend Jay McDowell to any start-up or existing business that has hit a plateau in their growth."

Warmest regards,

Trish Beaulieu, Principal
Dezign Matters Creative Group, Inc.
"If doing business matters, design matters!"

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jay McDowell from Performance Strategies for his motivating, informative and fun approach to business coaching. His consistently enthusiastic, expert advice as well as his business education and past years of leadership experience were of great value to my business. He is helping me work smarter not harder and his advice on how to work on my business rather than in my business has been invaluable. He has helped me create my vision and set goals and plans to get there. He taught me about sales and marketing, testing and measuring, positive cash flow, team building and implementing systems that are making me take Action in my business.

James Waddy
Lake Forest, CA

StrategyCLUB– Small Business Education


This is the beginning of another testimonial letter for you, but I wanted to write a quick note and let you know what I'm doing this morning...

I am working ON my business, strategizing how to create my marketing plan. I've broken it down into chunks that are manageable, and am finally getting a glimpse of the possibility of never having to cold-knock on doors again because of the work I'm doing to create, establish and strengthening my relationships with a SYSTEMATIZED approach.

My business is so system dependent by way of our use of tools, trainings, and events, I never even realized that I could systematize the one variable--Me!

You have no idea the empowerment you've given me, and I am so, so grateful... I finally have the hope--and the tools--for my business to look like a real business, run like a real business, and profit like a real business!

You have made a huge difference for me.

Thank you!

Julie Schrock
Legal Shield Independent Associate

After completing the StrategyCLUB program with Jay McDowell, I would recommend it to any business owner- big or small. Every section of the program offered new information and ways to evaluate the current status of your business and strategies to make improvements.

The homework, introspective work, goal development and financial analysis were all extremely valuable and worth so much more than what you pay for this program.

Jay is so intelligent, experienced, wise, and positive. He is the ideal coach and can make any business owner want to strive to be better.

I was given strategies, ideas and motivation that will help build my business in the future and I know I have Jay and a group of team members always there to support me.

It was a wonderful experience and I was honored to be a part of it.

Thank you,

Bella Luna Photography

It doesn’t matter what type of business it is, Jay has the unique, insightful ability to be creative in any area. More importantly, I know Jay wants my business to succeed as much, if not more than I do. It is obvious that he genuinely cares about his clients and will do what it takes to help anyone succeed at their business.

Thank you, Jay for a wealth of information and caring about the success of my business.

Becky Grant
Fry & Associates
(949) 290-8442

To whom it may concern,

It is with full gratitude that I inform you of Jay McDowell of Performance Strategies’s phenomenal fourteen-week StrategyCLUB Program that I just completed. Jay clearly is an expert in the field of business coaching and, can definitely help ANY small business reach its maximum potential.
With his insightful information Jay has been able to show me the importance of having a plan and setting goals. I had a lot of fun creating my business vision and mission, as well as, learning how I can market myself as I prospect. I also learned the importance of knowing who my target market is so that I can avoid those PITA customers.
I highly recommend anyone who is serious about growing their business and taking it to the next level to talk to Jay McDowell and get on board with Performance Strategies.
Jay, thank you again, for making this information available to me. I have now come away with a wealth of knowledge and look forward to our 2-hour follow up.


Trina Filardo
Sr. Account Executive
Xtelesis, Corp.

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently completed a top-drawer fourteen-week StrategyCLUB Program offered by Performance Strategies and Certified Business Coach, Jay McDowell. It is clear to see that Jay has a ton of knowledge and expertise in how to help small businesses become profitable and how to help larger businesses run like well-oiled machines.

What I got from attending Jay’s StrategyCLUB course was greater clarity about the places in my business that are on track and where there is a gap between where I am and where I need to be. In addition, Jay taught a variety of strategies, such as:

· The importance of creating your business vision and mission
· Generating Cashflow
· Streetwise Marketing
· Sales made Simple
· Team Building and Leadership
· Systems and Six Steps to Massive Results

Jay powerfully addressed specific issues experienced by each person in the course at whatever level of knowledge and expertise they had. He treated each and every one of us with dignity and respect. No question we asked was too trivial for a thoughtful answer. His generosity with his time, energy, knowledge, and resources has been extraordinary.

I have nothing but the highest regard for Jay and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level, whether they are just getting started or whether they are well established. If you hire Jay and you are committed to your business and willing to take the coaching, you will see results in a very short time.

Best regards

Sue Koch
Career and Life Design Coach
Three Squares Coaching & Consulting

I thoroughly enjoyed your StrategyCLUB class. It was exactly the information I needed to take my business to the next level.

Each week I was taught foundation tools to build my business. It motivated me to work on the things that were lacking and recognize my strengths as a business owner as well. Because of your coaching process I’m so excited to implement these tools to get me to where I only dreamed of being before.

I highly recommend you to anyone that is thinking of starting a business or currently owns their own business and needs structure and direction on their pathway to success.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Audra Miller
Audra Miller Interiors
(949) 653-5899

PS-90 - Quarterly Planning Workshop

Very informative, time well spent, I enjoyed the information. It exceeded my expectations! So many details on creating goals! Great Job! (Julie – Help-U-Sell Realty)

A GREAT Day! I was able to put my goals in writing and commit to doing it! I gained clarity around my Vision and just where my company is heading. The "Butcher Paper" exercise for planning was great. Really brought the day and the process together for me. (Sebastien - Meet French Bistro)

AWESOME! I spent one day creating a Plan and learned how to spend time ON my business and not get consumed IN it. A day of Strategic Planning that will move my business forward. I also gained Clarity around what I need to do, and what is a MUST DO! PS-90 was a Professionally produced educational event that leads to Quality personal and business development. Thanks (Julie - Legal Shield)

As a result of today, I have walked away with a solid Plan for Q1. I believe as a result I will be Profitable in the first quarter of next year.  PS-90 exceeded by expectations, and has reinforced by capability to achieve my goals in my business. (Keith - Zion Capital)

A Very Positive Day!! I look forward to the future PS-90's in 2012. The day gave me Clarity on the steps required to develop Mastery in my business, and how to move my business forward. (Diana - Brand You Image)

Great, good to set goals & learn how to attain them. Map out a set of goals & then learn the tools to achieve them. Exceeded my expectations, much more in depth than what I thought. (Jeff – Lee & Associates)

AMAZING!! A great preparation for any Business Owner. You’ll be amazed at what you think you know, and what you can learn. I now have an Action Plan. I thought the presentation was perfect. (Don – Legal Modified Loans, Inc.)

Enlightening, Encouraging, Essential! WOW!! Outstanding, Super Fantastic, I am revved up for the New Year! Tangible, Measureable Results. I won’t be Broke – this is Paramount. Great, Great, I love the energy and the atmosphere. Totally met my expectations. (Linda – Silver Moon Photography)

Informative, Focus, Tactical, Strategic – Great workshop to kick off the year! Raving FAN!! The ability to define your goals and objectives for moving your business today Forward effectively and proficiently into the Future! So much delivered effectively in such a short time!! (Trish – Dezign Matters Creative Group)

Very Informative and well structured. A needed Tool for Business Owners. Everything was explained in detail making it easy to carry through. Now I have a guide to follow. The workshop environment was very Professional and Friendly! The workshop exceeded my expectations in Every Way!! (Sandra – Loan Modifications)

I became more focused on what important areas I need to work on for this year! Great Food!! (Mike – AIM Mail Centers)

“If you need to improve your business, Performance Strategies is a great way to accomplish that” (DRO – Orange County Printing)

Professional, Inspirational and Supporting. Beneficial to gain Concepts on Planning. (William)

A “Must Attend” workshop. My greatest improvement from attending will be Increased Profit! The environment and atmosphere of the Workshop were Great, Down to Earth … Love It!! (Kati – BIORIENT Acupuncture)

Informative – Creates a “Roadmap to the Future”. Narrows the priorities to work on. This will allow improved financial wealth – work smarter. GREAT Material to Retain!! (Ed – Help-U-Sell Realty)

Greatest benefit will be the ability to test strategies, realizing they will shift. I will “Get On Track and stay there. No more wandering.” The workshop was very Organized, Professional and Impressive. (Al)

My PS-90 experience was Intense, Organized, Productive and Thought Provoking. PS-90 provides important business strategies necessary for a successfully and profitable business growth. My greatest benefit came from being able to target areas that I can work on to grow my business. As a result of PS-90 I will have less stress, better organization, increased profits and business growth. This PS-90 exceeded my expectation by concisely providing easily understandable and organized steps to the planning process. (Dorie - Attorney)

PS-90 was a GREAT Experience - to walk through my business was an Amazing Process. To another Business Owner I would say – Open your eyes to the steps needed to achieve you Goals. PS-90 exceeded ALL of my Expectations – Amazing!! (Karlene – Cruise Holiday)

"6-Steps to Business Success" Seminar

Everyone needs a coach – It doesn’t mean anything is wrong. I wouldn’t start a business without a Business Coach! (Stacy – Magnifund Group)

This seminar gave me a new perspective on how to look at my business, my employees, my goals, my marketplace, and my clients. A few hours have added infinite value to my business and I look forward to learning more. (Rebecca – The Write Way OC)

I discounted other products offered by Performance Strategies because I couldn’t afford 1-on-1 coaching. This seminar made me go back to the value of Group Coaching to grow enough to get to 1-on-1 eventually. (Vidette – Arbonne)

Lots of great ideas and reminders. Thank You, Great Job! (Paul – Cobalt Financial Corp)

I am in process of expanding business. All points presented were part of current process. Very helpful & very validating! (Brigitte Archer – Oxford Capital)

Great Work! (Michael– Healing System Therapies)

Excellent value! A true wake-up! A fresh perspective! Excellent program for business owners. Lots of “Aha’s”! (Michael – Moxxor)

Very Informative (Sandra – Loan Modifications)

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