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Human Resource Consultant

Since 1987, Pam Kessler and her Team at Facilities Planning, Inc. have been taking the complexity out of corporate and industrial relocations, remodels and reorganizations.

They handle every detail of the process, so their clients can stay focused on effectively running their businesses, rather than managing chaos.

Their highly customized services are holistic and take into consideration every aspect of a company’s transition including relocation management, remodel/refurbishment, space planning, facilities services and project management.

Don't delegate a process so vital to the success of your business.  Business interruption due to vendor coordination, equipment delays, service installations can stop your business in it's tracks for days or weeks.  Don't save a nickel and cost your business and your reputation so much more.

To go directly to the Facilities Planning website, fill out the Referral Form to the right, and tell Pam that Coach Jay sent you!! 

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