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Don't waste your time, or your Customers time, by making "unqualified" reqeusts for referrals!!

Lately, I've been speaking with a number of Owners on how best to get qualified referrals. No doubt about it, referrals are one of the quickest ways to fill your pipeline. They're definitely easier and less stressful than cold calling. They're more accessible, and there is less competition to close the deal. Knowing this, more and more business Owners are asking for referrals as a primary approach to filling their pipelines.

But businesses Owners aren’t getting the number of high quality referrals they'd like or need. The techniques they are using aren't working consistently.

That's because so often Owners leave it up to their customers to guess who they should refer them to. If they really want to be successful building their pipeline with referrals, they need to take a step back and think about what types of introductions they really want.

As an Owner, just any old referral won't get you your next hot prospect.When you leave it up to your customer to figure out who they think would be a good referral, they won't consider all the qualification points you need them to consider.

Your Customer might not recognize that they are a great customer because they are:

  • focused on issues that fall within your offerings' sweet spot
  • using your solutions exactly like you want other customers to
  • in a specific industry or a certain size company
  • treating you as a trusted advisor or problem solver

Suddenly you receive a referral that is less than ideal. It's too small a business, or a business that is in financial distress etc...

Because the referral came from one of your customers, you either have to figure out how to say "thanks, but no thanks" or follow-up then explain to your customer why it wasn't the best fit. It's possible you could actually waste as much time following up on this unqualified introduction as you would cold calling!

A poor referral from a great customer puts you in an awkward position - all because as an Owner you were trying to shorten your new business development cycle through referrals. Mediocre connections won't help you fill your pipeline.

No, you only want top quality “qualified” referrals. Your desire is to get introduced to businesses and contacts that really need your offerings and will want to talk with you. You're looking for new connections with the characteristics of your best customers. You want to be talking to good businesses that want to get to great.

As a business Owner, broaden your expectations to seek introductions to people who'll implement and appreciate your offerings like your best customers do. Ask for referrals who will want to work closely with you and welcome your expertise and value.

To get referrals that fit such specific qualifications, you need to frame who is a great connection when you ask. Tell your customer (or your referral group) what types of businesses make the best match for your offerings.

There are two parts to framing your referral request.

1. Say, "someone like you who..." - and fill in the blank with the profile of your ideal referral.

2. Then add, "someone who needs ..." - and include the classic challenges, issues or needs you address.

What you're doing is creating a picture of your ideal referral for your customer. Now as they mentally search through all their contacts, they can easily determine which ones to recommend. You've taken the guesswork out of it.

Also to be a receiver of good referrals you also need to be a good ‘giver’.

Now it's up to you to … Take Action!! 

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