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Happy Groundhog Day! Hope the first 30 days of your ’15 is off to a rousing start.

On a personal note grandson Sammy turns two this Saturday. His little sister is expected to arrive on St. Patty’s day. Just six short weeks away.

Hope your team won in the big game yesterday. Maybe next year for the Colts!!

The “Big Three” in what value Coaching brings to any Owner are: Accountability, Planning and Time Management. In your case, like most Owners are your skills in these areas poor at best.

Visit my website for a Complimentary Coaching Session, and in sixty minutes or less, see how Coaching can make your ’15 the very best year yet.

Are you unsure of how you will make ’15 better than ’14? Do you have a Plan to drive the Results you deserve? Don’t pull a Bill Murray and let last year happen again and again and again.

One of the key areas we focus on, and is a cornerstone of the Performance Strategies System is Planning.

What’s important when it comes to running a business?

Well, lots of things.

Every business needs to get the basics of their business organized so they can move forward with the plan of running the business.

Things you should consider doing right now if you don’t already have them in place. A good business needs a detailed business plan. It needs to clearly define the business’ goals.

What else does every business that wants to succeed need?

  • A sales and marketing plan. Again, this can be as little as two (2) pages but clearly defines how many sales you are aiming for both in units and dollars as well as the methods you will implement to get there.
  • Breakeven model – This tells you how many units or dollars you need to sell to break even.
  • The revenue model – The easiest way to increase profits is to increase revenue. There are many effective, low risk, low cost methods you can implement to achieve this.
  • The profit model – increasing revenue should lead to increasing profit. This is not always the case so you have to get control of the numbers. That is, budget for your gross profit margin, gross profit dollars as well as fixed and variable costs. Gross profit can be improved using a number of tactics which include raising prices, selling more value add products/services, cutting waste and negotiating better supply costs.
  • Have a cash flow model. In business cash is king. Profitability and cash are not the same thing. A lot of businesses run out of cash but with strategies in place this can be avoided. Create a financial dashboard where all of the measurements above are reported on one single page. Updated weekly and controlled monthly will get your business where it needs to be. This is a recipe for success.
  • You need to get control of your financials, revenue targets and cash flow before you start to grow. Once you have control of your numbers and have your staff committed then you can start to grow and make more profit. After all, you are in business to make more profit. Aren’t you?

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