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And guess who shapes the team’s attitude? That’s right – you the owner!

As a result, it is imperative that you begin by preparing your mind with the attitudes and perspectives that will set you free to achieve your business goals. I’m not talking about psyching yourself with positive thoughts, although at times this can help. What I’m talking about is adopting ways of thinking that will free your mind to find the solutions to your business challenges.

You see, how you think and what you believe to be true about how you do business is what brought you to where you are right now. Before you can find a better way of doing business, you must learn a new way of thinking about business.

It’s a simple truth that it doesn’t matter if you think you can, or you think you can’t - either way you’ll be right! Every day I meet people that are just getting by, living largely unhappy lives.

Fortunately, I also meet a lot of successful, high energy people. What’s the main difference between these two groups? The first group tends to exhibit a Victim’s mentality. They tend to

Blame others for their problems. They make Excuses for why things never seem to work out. They often Deny that they might have been able to alter the outcome. These people are going nowhere. To paraphrase the lyrics of the popular musical group The Bare Naked Ladies, they are effectively “lyin in BED, just like Brian Wilson did”.

The second group consists of successful people, who tend to have a Victor mentality. They take 'Ownership' of their challenges. They are 'Accountable' for their actions and 'Responsible' for their results. These people are in charge of their own ship and they use attitudes of Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility as an OAR to propel them on their way to success.

The world is full of people with Victim mentalities. I see business examples of this every day. I’m sure you do too. I can hear them in my mind:

"We were late with your delivery because our supplier let us down"- (Blame)- As a customer you don’t care about his supplier. You didn’t choose his supplier!

"We didn’t call you about the delay because it was so busy at Christmas, we just didn’t have time."- (Excuses)- Again, as a customer you don’t care. He should have made time.

"There was nothing we could do."- (Denial)- Didn’t they know about Christmas? They should have staffed to handle things. They should have had a more reliable supplier, or a contingency plan, or perhaps they should have told us to supply the order specifications one week earlier.

Just imagine how far your business could go if every team member had a Victor mentality all the time. What if everyone on your team cared as much about customer satisfaction as you do, or the customer himself does- (Ownership)- What if everyone was accountable for their actions and did not hide mistakes, but made sure that they were addressed as quickly as possible? What if everyone made sure that it was their responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure a positive customer experience?

I’ll tell you what happens. You get happier customers, who sing your praises and send you their friends. You get more business. In fact people will gladly pay more to deal with your business because you are so reliable and the experience is so satisfying. So in addition to increased volumes, you get increased margins and your profit zooms skyward! There is a buzz in your business. Your team members now feel more empowered and satisfied in their jobs. You find it easier to get good people, because people like to be with your team. And lastly, you have extreme confidence in your team and you don’t need to be around as much. In short, you are making more money with less effort!

Sure it sounds great you say, but how do you do this? It can’t be easy. No, it is not easy. But as they say, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. But rest assured it is doable. And the closer you get your business to the ideal, the better results you will get.

You start by truly adopting the Victor mentality yourself- Your live it at work and at home. And your team sees you live it. Then you share the Victor/Victim perspective with your team. It is important at this point to look for opportunities to praise team members for practicing the Victor mentality.

Last week we hired some outstanding new Team Members. This week we take the new and the existing Team Members and mold them into a well functioning TEAM.

Next week: The final installment for Octobers TEAM focus: Dream TEAMS Don't Just Happen...

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