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So once you know where you are going, it's written down and your current team knows it, then you have something to tempt your new team members with. The next stage is to really find out who you want in your organization. While skills are important, and for certain jobs there are a required level of skill, they are not the overriding factor that ensures people work out in your team. The only factor that matters is whether they have the right attitude and if their values are in alignment with those of you and your company. It is easier to train somebody in the skills to do a job than to change their attitude to fit in with the team.

But how do you assess attitude? The simple answer is that you actually do it all the time. Every human can home in on people that they like, but what we don't do is program this ability to what we are looking for. It's like our own internal GPS - if we don't set the exact destination we may end up miles off course.

The easiest way to do this is to write down the attributes or characteristics of the perfect person for the position you are looking for. For my clients, we go a stage further and use style, behavioral and cultural assessments to help us, both at this time and when we get to the interview stage. Once you are clear on whom you are looking for then you can prepare the ad, inform the recruitment agency and speak to as many people as you can about the sort of person you are looking for. Remember, your job ads are no different

to your product ads and should follow the same marketing principle of grabbing the reader's attention, creating interest, building on their desire and finally giving a simple call to action.

Once candidates start to apply for the position, you are then in a deselection process. I recommend initial telephone interviews and maybe a competency based test, such as writing a letter, depending on the role you are recruiting for. Those candidates that get through this process can be invited to a group interview on one day which will save you a lot of time, energy and money and have the added advantage of seeing all the candidates together so the best of the bunch is bound to stand out. We call this the “four hour hiring process”.

So now you know what your recruitment system needs to consist of, you just need to put it into action and start to build a great team! Need some help putting meat on those bones ….give me a call.

Last week we cut the weak links. This week we added fresh perspective and energy. Next week we pull the raw material into a well-oiled machine.

Next week: Developing a Winning Team for Your Business

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