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Will started his coaching, training and consulting career in 1985 with the formation of Performance Strategies, Inc. His first contract was with PacTel Cellular and launched his entry to the wireless mobile telephone industry. From there Will was asked by Motorola to create and deliver a program for their "factory direct" sales team and that led to his company contracting with every Bell Operating company in the USA. 

Will has worked with other industry sectors including banking and finance, insurance, automotive, energy, housing, logistics, telecom, food manufacturing, transportation, pharmaceutical and medical device makers. 

Will is a published author and video producer and has created over 100 articles on the topics of sales, CRM, management, customer service, and marketing. His nationally acclaimed sales training program Selling Below the Price Line has been taught to over 45,000 sales professionals and is still one of the most popular programs in the sales industry.  

When he met Jay McDowell in the fall of 2016 it was a business match from the start. They both decided to "fly in formation," with both of them being licensed pilots. The partnership has been both rewarding and client-centered.

Programs taught by Will at the Coaching Center of Orange County include: 

  • Selling Below the Price Line (tm)
  • Managing The Box
  • Formal Customer Service
  • Lead With Purpose (tm)
  • Mind Focus


 Will helped us get from 20 sales per week to over 80 in less than 90 days. I would recommend Will and Performance Strategies, Inc. to any firm with a sales-based business model. 

Jim Shab
Founder / CEO
Air-Touch Cellular

 Loved your article on "7 Reasons For a Business Coach" - a great analogy between needing an expert and tribal guides to help explore the wild west because of their "tribal knowledge!" And by the way ... Selling Below the Price Line was amazing - thanks for the tip on refocusing the customer's concern from price to the actual value being provided.

Soli DaSilva, CEO
Visual Media Marketing









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