exit planning

Whether you are planning on selling your business, or transitioning to family members in one, three, five or even seven plus years, we help with your exit or transition planning.

In any economy, it is essential that all parties of a complicated transaction have the very best advice and counsel available.

Our Process:

  • Start with a FREE online, 22 multiple choice question assessment that evaluates your preparedness in the four key areas in the level of preparedness you currently have for the Exit / Transition of your business:
    • Operations Preparedness 
    • Revenue / Profit Preparedness 
    • Planning Preparedness 
    • Financial Preparedness 

  • The Complimentary Review includes:
    • Review of the 12 page Summary Report that results from your assessment.  We also include the 40+ page ExitMap® Analysis© which reviews in detail each of your 22 answers to the multiple choice assessment.
    • The Analysis will help you prioritize actions, both in relation to your planned transition timeframe and according to their impact on your realized proceeds at exit or transition.
    • The Analysis also includes directions on how to create simple tracking and benchmarking tools to measure your current exit readiness and your progress as you prepare.

  • Our Team is also prepared to assist you in the actual planning and execution of your Exit or Transition.  Separate fees apply.    (All monthly and individual fees explained upon request)
    • The ExitMap® Plan©  - It is a 40+ page report detailing the importance, urgency and difficulty associated with each of the individual responses given in the online assessment.  
    • We embrace a Team approach to exit and transition planning.  We understand that a successful plan usually requires the cooperation of tax, legal, business and financial planners.   
    • No single advisor is fully an expert in all of the areas of exit/transition planning.  
    • We have assembled a Five-Star Team of the best experts in these areas to assist in each of these individual specialties.    
    • Your Performance Strategies Business Coach will act as your Exit/Transition Coach and Team Facilitator through this process, focused on supporting and accomplishing your life objectives.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation, and we can talk about your exit / transition strategy and see if we can assist you in the achieve your maximum financial benefit.

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